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Psiket International


Welcome to the Psiket School, a distinguished institution specializing in science and quantum technology. Our mission is to nurture talent in the field of quantum physics and promote this cutting-edge science by transcending the boundaries of knowledge through global collaboration. Here at Psiket International we offer a wide range of educational courses across various scientific disciplines and organize workshops, seminars, and scientific conferences to enhance the knowledge and skills of both students and scholars.

About us

Our International Department is dedicated to connecting passionate individuals from all corners of the world, fostering a community committed to the advancement of quantum technology. We strive to provide research opportunities and foster international collaborations, enabling students and enthusiasts to leverage the expertise of international professors and engage in scientific research aligned with current global activities. At the heart of our efforts lies a fervent commitment to not only educate but also inspire and innovate, pushing the frontiers of what is possible in the quantum realm.

Objectives for Establishing Psiket International:

In today’s world, science is characterized by its vast scope. Due to this complementary aspect, no single country can achieve the pinnacle of highly specialized and extensive fields such as quantum technologies on its own. Reaching the top in these disciplines requires full interaction with international groups.  There are many groups worldwide with whom intellectual collaboration is possible, and from whom we can learn solutions. At the International Section of the Psiket Quantum school, we aim to facilitate this process. Our mission is to make the impossible possible and to elevate global collaboration in the field of quantum.

Our Main Objectives at Psiket International are as follows:
  • Establishing relations and educational scientific collaborations with similar groups and schools globally.
  • Organizing frequent webinars with guest lectures by experts from foreign countries.
  • Setting up international workshops to explore the world of Quantum further.
  • Conducting international experimental workshops to introduce new technologies and methods in the fields related to Quantum.
  • Hosting international challenges and competitions to attract innovative ideas and take a step towards finding answers to the currents questions that are being asked all over the world

Educational Events

International Webinars

Join us for our series of international webinars, where leading experts and enthusiasts alike come together to share insights, breakthroughs, and the latest advancements in quantum technology. Held in English, these webinars are designed to be accessible to a global audience, providing a platform for learning, discussion, and networking. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, our webinars offer something for everyone.

Collaborative Workshops

Our collaborative workshops are where theory meets practice. In partnership with elite minds from around the world, we create hands-on experiences that bring quantum concepts to life. These workshops are more than just learning sessions; they are opportunities to engage deeply with the material, work alongside peers who share your passion, and contribute to real-world projects that have the potential to shape the future of quantum technology.

Quantum Game Events

At the Psiket Quantum School, one of our primary focuses has been the innovative and exciting field of quantum game design. We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed the development of six quantum games. These games, along with their comprehensive set of rules, will soon be available to an international audience. We invite you to stay tuned for their official release!

Join Us for Global Quantum Game Events

In addition to the publication of our games, we are planning to host global quantum game events. These events will provide a unique platform for enthusiasts from around the world to come together, share their ideas, and compete in a stimulating and collaborative environment. Our aim is to gather the brightest minds in quantum game design, fostering a community of creativity, innovation, and excellence. Stay connected with us as we embark on this exciting journey, and prepare to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of quantum gaming.

International Projects and Collaborations

Joint Projects:

At Quantum School, we are committed to advancing the frontiers of quantum physics through collaborative research projects with esteemed international universities and institutions. These joint ventures allow our students and faculty to work alongside world-renowned experts, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas. The ongoing international projects are regularly showcased in our International News section, providing updates on progress and breakthroughs. These collaborations not only enhance our research capabilities but also prepare our students to contribute to the global scientific community.

Professors and Researchers:

Our collaborations include engaging with distinguished international professors and researchers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Psiket International. By partnering with these global thought leaders, we ensure that our students receive the highest quality education and are exposed to cutting-edge research methodologies. Detailed profiles and achievements of our international collaborators can be found in this section, highlighting their contributions to both our institution and the broader scientific community.

Student Exchange:

The Student Exchange program at Quantum School is designed to provide our students with invaluable international exposure. By participating in exchange programs with leading universities around the world, our students gain diverse academic and cultural experiences that enrich their education. This program fosters global citizenship and equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.

Global Quantum News

Stay informed with the latest news in the world of quantum technology. Our International Department curates and publishes updates on groundbreaking research, significant achievements, and emerging trends from every corner of the globe. We believe that staying connected to the global quantum community is crucial for fostering innovation and progress, and our news section is your gateway to staying abreast of the most important developments.

Educational Opportunities and Scholarships

Explore the world of learning with our Educational Opportunities section. Here, we offer guidance on applying to international academic programs, including prestigious summer and winter schools. This section provides comprehensive information on available programs, application processes, and tips for securing admission, helping students navigate their educational journeys and achieve their academic aspirations.


The Psiket Quantum School is dedicated to supporting international students in their pursuit of excellence. Our Scholarships section provides detailed information about various scholarships and financial aid opportunities available to international students. We aim to make high-quality education accessible to talented individuals from around the globe, enabling them to join our vibrant academic community.

Articles, Resources, and Data

Scientific Articles:

The Scientific Articles section is a repository of groundbreaking research published by our researchers and faculty, both from within the school and in collaboration with international partners. These articles reflect the high standards of academic excellence at Quantum School and contribute to the global body of knowledge in quantum physics.

Educational Resources:

This section curates a selection of reputable books, articles, and other learning materials that are essential for anyone studying quantum physics and related fields. These resources are chosen for their quality and relevance, ensuring that our students and faculty have access to the best tools for their academic and research endeavors.

Scientific Data:

In the Scientific Data section, we present important statistics and data related to quantum research and associated sciences. We make complex data accessible and understandable, supporting our community's ongoing research efforts and providing valuable insights into the latest trends and discoveries in the field.

Social Networks

Here, we introduce and provide links to our various social media platforms, where we share updates, achievements, and opportunities. By following our social networks, students, faculty, and enthusiasts can stay connected, participate in discussions, and collaborate with peers from around the world.


Our Calendar section features a comprehensive schedule of events organized by Psiket international.

Contact Us

We are eager to hear from you! Whether you have questions about our programs, suggestions for future collaborations, or simply want to learn more about what we do, don't hesitate to reach out. Connect with us via email at [email protected] or follow us on our social media channels for the latest updates and opportunities to get involved.